Jelgerde Boer

  • attorney-at-law

Jelger specializes in corporate law in a broad sense and in that context mainly focuses on the settlement of disputes in the field of directors 'and officers' liability, shareholder disputes, company acquisitions or other contractual issues.

In addition, Jelger has also gained a lot of experience with liability of financial products and mass damage claims through his work experience at the Vereniging van Effectenbezitters. Due to his experience as an law clerk, Jelger has acquired a good insight into the ins and outs of litigation. Jelger studied for one semester at the University of Edinburgh during his bachelor's degree and subsequently completed the master's degree in corporate law at the Zuidas at the Free University of Amsterdam (cum laude).

Jelger has an excellent memory.

His legal knowledge but also his personality made the cooperation very fuitfull and pleasant for me as a client.

I am very happy to have him in my corner.

You can tell right away that Jelger graduated cum laude from university. He loves the law, has deep knowledge of the law and knows how to use the law to my advantage.

I would recommend Jelger to anyone.

Jelger has excellent skills in the courtroom; he knows how judges think and how to influence judges to my advantage.

Jelger never takes a wrong step in court; he thinks on his feet and can quickly and skilfully make or rebut the right arguments.

Jelger is a very good litigation lawyer and pleasant to work with.

Jelger’s knowledge of corporate and procedural law, is unparalleled.

Jelger is a very skilled litigator who stands his ground in the courtroom.

Jelger exceeded my expectations.


  • Corporate and commercial disputes

  • Inquiry procedures before the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal

  • Professional liability and liability of directors’ and officers’

  • Civil procedure law

  • Corporate law

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Property law

  • International private law

  • Professional liability and liability of directors’ and officers’


  • Association for Corporate Litigation