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What makes Stonewater special is that it also has an eye for financial, business and tax aspects and that the lawyers have vast experience in transactions. Both are very helpful and often important in litigation too.

Key strengths of Stonewater include high partner involvement and a multidisciplinary approach.

Stonewater has a broader focus than most other boutique firms.

Stonewater has experience with other businesses (such as franchises and private equity) and has an eye for more than just the law.

All lawyers have experience and training in business, financial and tax aspects. This makes Stonewater more complete than most law firms I came across.

At Stonewater they understand our business and what it takes to get the job done.

They do not only look at the legal aspects, but also understand our business and have an eye for financial and tax aspects.

Stonewater’s high quality standard amazes me.

The knowledge of also business, financial and tax aspects is what distinguishes Stonewater from other law firms I have worked with.

They have an amazing knowledge of the law.


Stonewater is a law firm specialising in corporate and commercial litigation. We are experienced in summary proceedings, proceedings on the merits, inquiry proceedings at the Enterprise Chamber, proceedings at The Netherlands Commercial Court, national and international arbitration and we also litigate at the Supreme Court.


Stonewater lawyers are creative realists. The goal: real solutions that endure and create value. Solutions that also take into account the financial, business and fiscal impact on entrepreneur and company. Solid solutions, in other words: strong solutions that last.

Many law firms focus only on legal aspects. This is logical, as lawyers are only trained in that respect. Stonewater takes a different approach and integrates financial, tax and business issues where applicable. This results in better or additional arguments in court, but also in better negotiations and contracts. This results in an advice and a way forward that suit client's needs instead of an answer that may legally be correct but is not of much use for the client.

Stonewater sets the bar for itself high. Furthermore, Stonewater is honest in expectations. We give advice in advance with every new case in order to avoid surprises as much as possible. The professionalism is amongst others evidenced by the fact that Stonewater also acts in cassation proceedings before the Supreme Court.


Stonewater frequently acts for entrepreneurs and companies in the case of disrupted relationships between shareholders, board members, supervisory directors and/or other officers of the company. Skilled and decisive intervention is in such cases needed to achieve optimal solutions for these issues. Together with its clients, Stonewater examines how these solutions can be achieved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Stonewater has extensive experience in shareholder, director and supervisory director liability and corporate governance issues. Part of the advice is to prevent this liability where possible.

Stonewater advises and litigates on issues concerning acquisition balance sheets, earn-outs, option rights, share purchase agreements, shareholders’ agreements, articles of association, administration conditions, loan agreements, pledges and other securities, assignments and other transaction and financing issues. Such issues often arise because the financial, business and fiscal aspects have not been sufficiently considered.  

Stonewater frequently acts in the event of (impending) disputes about cooperation agreements or disputes that (threaten to) arise during or after a merger or acquisition. Stonewater has a special focus on cross-border disputes, disputes concerning contractual defaults (breach of contract) or tort, as well as the professional liability of business service providers (including lawyers and accountants) and the liability of banks.

Track record

Through this link, you will find various examples of the experience and expertise of our lawyers in renowned cases in which they are or have been involved.

Register of law practices

Pursuant to article 35a paragraph 1 of the Regulations on the Legal Profession, our senior lawyers have registered their law practices in the register of law practices of the Dutch Bar Association. These law practices are corporate law, contract law, civil procedural law and/or cassation. See law practices. By virtue of this registration, these lawyers are obliged to obtain ten training points in each registered main area of law each calendar year according to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.



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