Marc van Rijswijk

  • attorney-at-law | partner

Marc van Rijswijk is a passionate corporate lawyer, who has been assisting business owners for many years and speaks their language. Marc specializes in the prevention and resolution of legal disputes. Preventing, by identifying risks in advance and by making proper provisions in sound contracts. Solving, by litigating or settling effectively.

In addition to being a litigation lawyer, Marc is a transaction lawyer and a certified corporate mediator. He knows how to bring interests together. Clients will find in Marc a trusted person who backs them up all the way and only rests if their case is solved successfully. This means that Marc goes the extra mile and is always reachable and available to his clients. Also outside of office hours. He ensures that the job is done.

Marc van Rijswijk is an excellent and convincing lawyer.

Marc van Rijswijk has the ability to approach civil litigation from different angles.

I find Marc van Rijswijk to be very good both in and out of court.

Marc van Rijswijk knows his field well and is willing to dig deep when it comes to understanding the cases and circumstances put forward to him.

Marc van Rijswijk has the ability to approach civil litigation from various vantage points.

Excellent lawyer with an excellent reputation. Known for his high quality work and his involvement in high profile and legally challenging cases.

Although very experienced, Marc van Rijswijk is still as eager as when he first started in the legal business. With this enthusiasm he sparks the rest of the team.

Marc van Rijswijk is an extremely thorough and precise lawyer. His knowledge of the facts and the law is impressive.

Most of all, Marc van Rijswijk is not afraid to give the right advice and take responsibility in the case. This is greatly appreciated as I can rest assure that my interest is in the best of hands and that the right decisions are made.

We have been working with partner Marc van Rijswijk and his team for years. We find his work to be of high quality.

What we especially appreciate is that Marc is very involved and is able to provide us with ready to use advice.


  • Corporate and commercial disputes
  • Inquiry procedures before the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal
  • Arbitration
  • Professional liability and liability of directors’ and officers’
  • Commercial contracts
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Insolvency and (re)structuring


  • The Dutch Arbitration Association
  • Coporate Litigation Association











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