Marion Toele

  • paralegal

As office manager and paralegal, Marion supports Stonewater's lawyers. She ensures the representativeness of the office, welcomes clients and guests, manages the diaries of her office colleagues and is responsible for file management. Marion takes all this work off the lawyers hands so that they can focus on their work for the clients. Marion has an affinity and experience with marketing and here, too, she contributes significantly to Stonewater's success.

The team is communicative, combining junior and senior lawyers and sharing knowledge with their clients in an open and understanding manner.

They work as a team and understand their clients and the area in which the client operates.

The cooperation and communication within the team is excellent, everyone has their own qualities and complements each other. This gives me confidence that my case is in the best of hands.

The team stands its ground, also when the heat is really on.

The team simply will not rest until the job is done and will work 24/7 if this is necessary to achieve the best possible result.

Stonewater works in small teams that go to great lengths to achieve the best possible results.

The team went the extra mile (and more than this) to achieve the best possible result in my case.

The team responds swiftly and meets deadlines well in time.

Because of the relatively small teams Stonewater works with, it is very easy (both inside and outside office hours) to contact the partners and associates to discuss my case.

Stonewater succeeded in building a committed and competent team of people that have a broader scope than most lawyers.