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Bart Zandbergen is a cassation lawyer at the Dutch Supreme Court. He also litigates in district courts and courts of appeal concerning (national and international) acquisitions, financing arrangements and securities, disputes between shareholders as well as disputes concerning property law, private international law and tax matters.

Additionally, his practice consists of acquisition and financing transactions. Bart was the legal & tax partner at a well-known private equity firm for fifteen years. Bart holds four master’s degrees (Dutch law, tax law, law & economics and industrial engineering and management). He mainly deals with cases having both litigation and deal making aspects as well as cases containing topics at the intersection of legal, fiscal and financial matters.

Bart Zandbergen has in-depth knowledge of financial and tax issues and knows how to apply them to my advantage in legal proceedings.

Bart Zandbergen is an excellent lawyer with great expertise in coporate and commercial litigation.

Partner Bart Zandbergen is not only a very sharp legal advisor, he also has a great eye for our financials and tax position.

We find Bart Zandbergen to be an outstanding advisor with a great eye for the essence of the case.

Bart Zandbergen is a lawyer who really understands financials, which you do not see that often.

Bart is an expert in his field.

Bart Zandbergen is a very seasoned professional who understands my business.

The energy and commitment of Bart Zandbergen is especially notable. He has great knowledge and produces pragmatic, solid and ready to use advice.

Bart knows what he talks about and delivers what he promises. This makes for very solid advice and perfect guidance of our deals.

Because of Bart’s in-depth knowledge of not only the law but also our business as well as financial and tax aspects, we have been able to get better deals!


  • Civil cassation

  • Private international law

  • Property law

  • Tax law

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Financing and securities

  • Restructuring

  • Mergers and acquisitions


  • Association for Civil Cassation Attorneys

  • Association for Corporate Litigation

  • Dutch Association for Procedural Law